Have a Safer Round

A round of golf and a round of drinks have a lot in common. Both are best enjoyed with friends and a healthy sense of humor. But both can pose safety threats if not handled correctly. Since September is National Preparedness Month, we thought we’d take a moment to share some safety tips for your next round on the green or at the bar.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important whether you’re taking golf shots or vodka shots. Keep your body hydrated in order to perform your best on the course. Dehydration will hurt your game and leave you feeling weak and tired.

As for that round of drinks after, it’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re drinking your favorite beverage. Keep a glass on hand to remind yourself that hydration is key.

Keep Track

When out on the green, it’s important to keep track of what’s going on around you. Make sure no one is too close to you when preparing to swing your club. If your ball heads off track, yell “fore” to alert those who may be in harm’s way.


When enjoying your favorite drink, make sure to keep track of how many you’ve consumed. Staying within your limits ensure you have a great time without getting too wild!

Drive Smart

When using a golf cart on the course, make sure to be safe and diligent. Make sure every player has a seat, and don’t jam pack the cart with bags. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for other players and carts around you.

When it comes to consuming alcohol, don’t even consider driving if you’ve had too much. Designate a sober driver or call up a ride service to make sure you get home safe and sound.

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The next time you go for a round of golf or a round of drinks, keep your safety and the safety of those around you in mind!

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